R4 3DS Cards Cannot Brick your Nintendo 3DS

There’s a lot of rumors circulating the internet about R4 3DS cards. What are these specialized cards? Basically, the R4 3DS cards act as an original game cartridge. You can insert an SD card inside containing all the homebrew applications and Nintendo 3DS games you want to play, all in one convenient storage device.

But, a lot of people are put off buying R4 3DS cards because they fear that it will brick their gaming console. Before we talk about this rumor, we have to define what bricking is in the gaming console niche.

Technically, ”bricking” in hacking terms means that you render your portable gaming device inoperable, thus r4-3ds, it will turn your device into one shiny brick. Bricking is caused by tampering or corrupting your system’s firmware.

That being said, since an R4 3DS card is used as a hacking tool, people are led to believe that it can cause bricking on your portable gaming device. But, fear not, because I am going to spill out some truth to this topic and eliminate any misinformation about it.

An R4 3DS functions as a normal gaming cartridge, so if it does cause bricking, then technically, all other gaming cartridges can cause bricking as well. Furthermore,

So, how did the rumor come about? It all started back in the days of the Nintendo DS Lite. During that time, people need to flash firmwares and embed a new BIOS chip in order to hack the device. A lot of things can go wrong during this process, thus, it resulted into a shiny brick.

Due to that, people are being skeptical that R4 3DS cards can also brick the Nintendo 3DS. The major difference between the old DS lite method and the new R4 3DS is that the DS lite method requires you to change the hardware of the device, whilst the R4 3DS doesn’t require you to do anything but use and install programs directly, which virtually eliminates the chance of bricking your device.

To get down to the nitty gritty details, the firmware you need to hack your Nintendo 3DS is already embedded on the R4 3DS cards. Also, you do not need to flash anything that would tamper your system’s BIOS in any way. So, you’re not only able to benefit from the hacking, but you are assured that it is 100% safe.

So, what’s the worst case scenario? When a new firmware will be released that does not support the R4 3DS cards. But today, most of the R4 3DS manufacturers release speedy updates to their hardware so that it will be compatible even with the latest firmwares.

Now that you know that it is impossible to brick your Nintendo 3DS, you may want to start hacking it and enjoy homebrew applications and free games! Also, if you want to buy an R4 3DS card, make sure you buy from trusted retailers so that you are assured of the quality of the card. Happy hacking!