Kirby Planet Robobot Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo seems to love Kirby a lot. Kirby is one of the most iconic characters in the Nintendo Universe, and rightfully so, this cute pink creature has bedazzled the hearts of children and adults alike.

In today’s article, I will talk about Kirby Planet Robobot Game for the Nintendo 3DS. This game has just been recently released and it is already amassing a lot of great reviews.

The story begins when a huge alien ship called the “Access Ark” invaded the Planet Pop Star, Kirby’s home planet. The King of the planet, King Dedede, along with his trusty Meta Knight, tried to fend off the Access Ark’s attack but was later defeated by it. Kirby was found out to be sleeping during the entire time.

Upon waking up, he immediately found out that something was amiss and he was later informed that the King and the Meta knight were captured by the inhabitants of the Access Ark.

Thankfully, the Access Ark hasn’t taken off to space yet. Kirby rushed towards the space ship and proceeded to destroy the four anchors of the ship.

After destroying the four legs, a mysterious alien suddenly appeared. It was then found out that it was Susie. Susie just wants to sap the planet’s resources for her boss, President Haltmann.

After the confrontation, Kirby proceeds to destroy the Access Ark’s parts. He then came across the “Robobot Armor”, a special suit that would grant Kirby new powers and abilities.

After acquiring the Robobot Armor, Kirby was then confronted with a clone of both Meta Knight and King Dedede.

After defeating them, Kirby then proceeded to attack President Haltmann. Apparently, Haltmann wanted to carry out the plans laid out by a supercomputer called the “Star Dream. He used a helmet to control the supercomputer but Haltman was then betrayed by Susie by taking the helmet off when Haltmann was not looking.

Because of this, the supercomputer grew a mind of its own and proceeded to assimilate itself to President Haltmann, controlling him in the process.

The Star Dream wants to destroy the universe as biological life is a “nuisance”. Controlling Haltmann’s body, the Star Dream flew off.

With the help of the Meta Knight and Susie, Kirby rushed towards Star Dream in space and ultimately defeats it in a battle.

The Kirby Planet Robobot Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a 3D side-scrolling platform game where you control the iconic Kirby.

In each iteration of the game, Kirby will have new things to play with. In the Kirby Planet Robobot Game for the Nintendo 3DS, Kirby will get the “Robobot Armor” that grants him extra powers.

What the Robobot Armor does is it amplifies Kirby’s “copy” ability. Whatever Kirby copies, the Robobot Armor makes sure that it deals more damage and does more effects.

The Kirby Planet Robobot Game for the Nintendo 3DS received a lot of critical acclaim and praise from adults and children alike.

I highly recommend you getting this Nintendo 3DS game as it is highly entertaining and it is really worth your time.