NZXT S340 Gaming Computer Case

Gaming rigs nowadays have flashy components. The motherboard and the graphics card, for example, now sport a lighting scheme; whether it is a single static color, or an RGB one.

Find out more about the hoverboard skate and what it can do with its powerful electric batteries. Now, all of these flashy components should be encased into something to protect it in the long run. Of course, you wouldn’t buy such components if you can’t see them, right?

So today, we are going to take a look at a computer case that has been recommended by a lot of people in different forums. I am talking about the NZXT S340 Gaming Computer case.

Let’s talk more about the aesthetics. The S340 is a mid-tower ATX case with a 90% solid steel construction. NZXT wants you to build your dream rig in it, and they want to protect the components as much as possible.

The layout is quite simple, but S340 makes it a point to make the innards of your gaming rig noticeable to the public. The case is quite spacious that you can even fit a really big graphics card in it.

As far as the front side of the case is concerned, you can see nothing but a blank space. The overall theme of the S340 is about simplicity. It is a bit sleek and elegant in its own right.

For the front ports, there are two USB 3.0 ports and there are also audio and mic jacks. This is very convenient because you do not have to plug your devices at the back of the case.

Cable management is also superb with this case. At one panel (the right side panel if you’re looking at it from the front) lies all the cable management. The case helps you manage your cables in an efficient manner, and it hides any clunkiness of the wires if there are any.

The NZXT S340 comes in a variety of colors: Matte black, White, Blue/Black, Black/Red, and the Razer edition. The Razer edition is priced a little bit higher, but it also comes with some nice additions such as the LED lighting scheme at the bottom of the case.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the customer reviews:

Justin: “This case is absolutely amazing to look at! It looks very simple, but you can truly appreciate all other components in your gaming rig. I have an MSI GTX 970, and it blends well with the black and red case. The only gripe I have with this case is that the PCIE slots do not have a cover, which lets dust come inside the case. Also, the side window can get scratches rather easily. Other than that, this is a beautiful case.”

Kevin: “At this price point, you get a really good case with good airflow, and you can put additional fans as well. Plus, it already comes with two 120mm fans for a good cooling solution by default. As far as cable management is concerned, I am impressed with the design because it really hides ugly cables from sight. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone building a new PC in the future.”

The NZXT S340 Gaming Computer case is a simple, yet very good computer case. This case retails at $75.